Tavion Goldwyne

Tavion was born in South Haven during the year 8253 to Reina Goldwyne and Donovar Goldwyne. In his youth, Tavion was a gallant warrior—the star of House Goldwyne, surely fated to turn around the poor reputation of his house after the Revolt of 8203.

Tavion met Lannia Hawick when he was visiting Darry to broker a new Ironwood deal between House Goldwyne and House Darry. The pair fell in love soon after meeting, and were married a few months after. The two had four children, Rolyn, Cedrick, Eleana, and Kylie.

At The Tourney of Harrenhal, Tavion was unhorsed early in the tourney in a bout against Kereth Drox. He landed poorly, shattering the bones in his legs. The Maesters were unable to set the injury properly, and his legs healed incorrectly. Tavion is now unable to walk without the assistance of a cane, and prefers to use his wooden wheelchair, as walking with a cane quickly becomes too painful.

Lord Donovar passed a few years later in the War of the Usurper. Not soon after Tavion assumed the mantle of Lord of South Haven, Lannia died giving birth to their fourth child, Kylie. in 8286. Grieving for his lost beloved, Tavion turned to the daughter of his vassal house, Kristyne Gaege (who had long been vying for Tavion’s attention) for comfort. The pair married a little under two years after Lannia’s death.

Life has been kind to Tavion in the last decade. His sons and daughters have grown strong, and seem poised to strike out and re-establish the influence of House Goldwyne in the world.

Tavion Goldwyne

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