Revolt of 8203

The Revolt of 8203 marked a serious decline in the fortunes of House Goldwyne. The then-Lord, Laertes Goldwyne, was known for his extravagant feasts and lavish parties, even while the commonfolk of Strathmore starved. Also noteworthy was Laertes’s marriage to his younger sister, Laisa Goldwyne.

In 8200, Laertes commanded the smallfolk of Strathmore to begin construction upon various expansions for South Haven. Fearing invasion by the neighboring houses (who he thought lusted for his land and his beautiful sister), he swore that he would never allow for South Haven to be taken by force. Construction continued even though the Autumn Harvest of 8201, which resulted in a shortage of foodstuffs once Winter arrived in 8202. By the beginning of 8203, the people of Strathmore were starving, all while Laertes and his family ate like Kings.

The Revolt started when the smallfolk assaulted a granary within the city of Strathmore. The Guard was unable to repel the assault (the history books say a few of them even joined in, likely spurred on by the dire straights of their families). In response, Laertes deployed his personal guard to take the Sheriff of Strathmore, who had incited the riot, prisoner. The guard, led by Gabrin Goldwyne, encountered heavy resistance by the people of Strathmore, who barricaded the streets. One by one, the soldiers fell. Gabrin was captured, and was quartered by the smallfolk. His head was placed on a stake at the base of South Haven Hill.

Enraged, Laertes ordered his archers to rain fire down upon the city and the amassed rioters outside the gates. A small portion obeyed, but the vast majority, seeing Laertes for the tyrant he was, rose up. They opened the gates, and the smallfolk surged in.

What followed was a slaughter. Hundred died in the ensuing fighting, including every Goldwyne present within South Haven. Laertes was captured, tortured, and pressed to death by the stones of the castle he had forced the smallfolk to build. Laisa was raped and then thrown from atop the castle walls. Trevyr, made Captain of the Guard for the short time between Gabrin’s death and his own, died in the fighting, trampled by the masses. Both Darren Goldwyne and Kathlyn Goldwyne, the products of the unholy union between Laertes and Laisa, were dash against the walls.

Strathmore and South Haven existed in anarchy for a little over a month. Colren Goldwyne, the sole survivor, journeyed home as soon as he received word of the tragedy, accompanied by a few hundred soldiers sent by King Daeron II. With their aid, Colren retook the city and the castle, and re-established Goldwyne rule over the territory.

The last scion of House Goldwyne, Colren set about rebuilding. He would not take a wife for almost thirty years, citing his mourning for his family. Colren changed the House Words, which had been “Here the Rivers Run Gold,” a testament to the wealth of the House, to “Drink and Remember”, in memorial of the events of the Revolt.

Below lies those Goldwynes who died in The Revolt.

Revolt of 8203

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