House Goldwyne

House Goldwyne is currently led by Lord Tavion Goldwyne.

House Goldwyne is an old house, its storied history dating back to the Age of Heroes. Legend has it that its founder, Arvin the Guileful, took the town of Strathmore from the reigning Lord. Entering the town as a friend, Arvin lured the Lord out from his walls with a silver tongue and honeyed words. Upon his exit, Arvin sealed the gates behind him, and left him to perish at the hands of the White Walkers. History has forgotten the name of the Lord and his family.

Long after Bran the Builder erected the Wall and ended The Long Night, the Kings of the North declared Strathmore the North’s last line of defense against the South. The Castle of Strathmore was renamed to South Haven, a name that remains to this day.,

When Aegon the Conqueror invaded Westeros and was crowned King in 8001, the Goldwynes were quick to align themselves with their Valyrian masters. The Lord of House Goldwyne, Kaegan Goldwyne, married one of House Velaryon daughters, Saera Velaryon. Valyrian blood still courses through the veins of the Goldwynes, re-emerging every few generations.

House Goldwyne’s influence only grew as Ironwood was discovered deep within the forests of their lands. Their prestige and power waxed until it peaked in the later decades of 8100.

By 8200, House Goldwyne was in a poor position. The Lord, Laertes Goldwyne, had inherited the House from his father when he was only six years old. His reign was extravagant and arbitrary, punctuated by the execution of peasants, several poor harvests, and Laertes’s incestuous marriage with his sister, Laisa Goldwyne. Tensions came to a head in The Revolt of 8203, leaving young Colren Goldwyne, only sixteen, to lead House Goldwyne.

The House slowly recovered throughout the 8200’s, gaining in power and prestige. Donovar Goldwyne passed in The War of the Usurper, but his sacrifice saw his House rewarded. House Gaege, a newly uplifted House ruling over the lands of the now-extinct House Blackwatch, was ordered to swear fealty to the Goldwynes.

Now, House Goldwyne seeks to regain the influence it lost earlier in the century, and make a name for itself. The members of the house, past and present, can be viewed in this family tree.

House Goldwyne

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